Paris is always a Good Idea … for a Romantic Holiday in Summertime in France

19913_408324559286465_1101258716_nOf course, the French are … so French, the Parisians are so Parisians, the tourists are so tourists, and the food in restaurants is so … not always worth what it costs, not even worth the tip. And , the weather is … European, with too much grey water and bad air nowadays.


But what better idea ?


Some good old friends have a summerhouse ? But real good old friends are like decent former lovers and family we still talk to : good, but usually in Zimbabwe or Siberia when alive and/or needed (including when tyre flat, heavy furniture to move or bank account too low for renting a summerhouse or paying the airfare to Zimbabwe or Siberia), always gone too far or too early or both (usually in places with no or enormously expensive telephone). Of course, only them are forever with you especially when really really needed and all others, including Gods, look and/or have business elsewhere. But would you really consider sharing the bathroom with them like in good old (odd ?) times, when your hidden blue pills were acids or sweets, not Viagra or Prozac, and elephants where pink and flying or free and alive ?

annie-hall2Sailing far away ?  Sailing is always a good idea, even (especially ?) if coffee is as cold as a politician’s hand or brain, route and harbour as unknown as France’s economic textbook’s name and fair unemployment statistics, and weather is as unpredictable as demonstrations in Turkey or Brazil. But the sea is full of (sh)it (and now, we have Paris-Plages, where we can rent « pédalos » and other cruising equipment).


Flying far away ? Flying, especially free (mileage is good, when you fly for business, especially in business class or still better and more offensively expensive instead of working during business hours, but real free tickets for holiday with family come less often than Xmas or free car park where you wanna spend your money, nowadays, even when the company does not confiscate mileage) is always a good idea, especially with patience for boarding and getting rid of all bottles of water and queuing up to prove neither your pen, nor your car keys, not even your toothpaste or souvenirs from this museum or electronic gadget from that exciting tourist shop are terrorist’s weapons …


What, where else ? Staying in (or coming to) Paris and enjoying Paris-Plages with good books, extra batteries for the Mac and the iPhone, and some candles in case of electricity shortage due to all air conditioning in empty offices or need for praying for sun and less diesel tourist busses in town at some Church, is a tempting option. Carpedieming without hystericly burning money in disappointing, torturing, unglamour and noisy transportation (unless one can afford a real top-level, big, fast, and reasonably silent and good looking private jet with a black Nespresso machine and decent air-con, only the upper-deck of a good old time 747, even if not business class and without free ice creams, gold plated TV screen, sub-British posh food and Champagne at will, can be a civilized flying experience if the stewardess is good mooded, the film watchable and not stopped 45 minutes before landing and 10 minutes before its end, and the destination not the kind where they consider you either a terrorist, or a cash-cow, where the beds are either stupidly enormous, or plainly unsleepable, and the weather and coffee are just worse than home in handgliding season, too warm, too cold, too or not enough whatever, or just not as good as home in summertime with real blue sky and natural cool air), is always a good idea, especially if and when the sun shines, but not too warmly.


Let’s stay !


Renaud Favier – June 30th, 2013 – Facebook Competitiveness – LinkedIn

Frenchonomics      Compétitivité 2012 couverture

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PS : In Paris, or elsewhere, enjoy yourself now and whenever , it’s later than you think,

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