Hello Dreamliner : It takes two to tango …

Some days count. Because new windows on the World are opened. (Or closed.).

Some days in 1492, 1783, 1903, 1953, 1969, man walked on the new world, over the world, same with a motor, on top of the world, on the moon. Many people disagreed. The Galileos of all times know all too well that thinking different, or just thinking for that matter,  or simply doing new things (or same things another way) may be troublesome, not only for others, but for themeselves.

Congratulations Boeing for 1st  flight of Dreamliner yesterday. As a Frenchman, I have a preference for Airbus successes, but as you are nice enough to fly only after A400M, it is OK.  I also have  bad memories about Boeing vs Concorde but as you were nice enough not to copy and anyway it was too noisy for the polar bears,  it is OK. And as many Cassandras said it was impossible and you nevertheless dit it, it is really OK.

Besides, it takes two to tango. Good game.


PS: the first link I could find this morning with a video of the flight :  http://www.nerienlouper.fr/tag/boeing-787-dreamliner-first-fligh/

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